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"...strong emphasis on our responsibility towards the communities we serve".

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Our brands are well trusted amongst current users and, through continuously listening to the feedback of our customers, we've grown into one of Australia`s most successful South Pacific consumer goods companies.

People's lives are changing fast. As the way we live and work evolves, our needs and tastes change too. We are committed to developing new products, improving tried and tested brands and promoting better tasting ways of cooking.

We have a portfolio of brands that are popular amongst the ex-pats from the South Pacific's across Australia. Our flexibility and diversity comes from two of our key strengths:

​* Strong roots in the Australian market and first-hand knowledge of our  consumers’ cultures and communities.

* World-class authentic and quality products to serve consumers everywhere.

Alfa is always focusing on performance and productivity. We encourage our team and suppliers to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice. Together with this is a strong emphasis on our responsibility towards the communities we serve.

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