Alfa Health Products

1. Coconut Oil  2. Coconut Body Oils  3. Samoan Cocoa  4. Vegetable Fat (Vanaspati Ghee)  5. Turmeric  6. Fiji Snacks 

7. Chickpeas & Kidney Beans  8. Natural Cocoa Beans

1. Coconut Oil

Alfa Coconut Oil

​​* Organically Grown

* Non Hydrogenised

* Pure Coconut Oil

​​​* Extracted from Fresh Coconut Kernel

* Rich in Lauric & Caprice Acid

* Vegan Friendly

2. Coconut Body Oils

Fiva Body Oil

* Effective Moisturizer on all types of skin

* May also delay wrinkles and ageing of the skin

* May treat various skin problems such as eczema

* The Basic ingredient found in various body care products

3. Samoan Cocoa

Alfa Koko Samoa

​* Made from 100% Organic Cocoa Beans

* Hand picked by local farmers in Samoa

* Powerful Antioxidant

* Rich in Magnesium, Sulphur & Minerals

4. Vegetable Fat (Vanaspati Ghee)

Vanaspati Ghee

* Vegan Friendly

* Made from Pure & Natural vegetable oils

* Rich in Magnesium, Sulphur & Minerals

5. Turmeric

PP Poster Turmeric.jpg

6. Fiji Snacks

* Natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent

* May prevent the growth of prostate cancer

* Natural liver detoxifier

* May speed healing process of wounds

Fiji Snacks

* High in Protein

* Hand Cooked

7. Chickpeas & Kidney Beans

Fiji Snacks

* High in Protein

* 98% Fat Free

* Approved by the FDA, HACCCP & ISO

8. Natural Cocoa Beans

Fiji Snacks

Limited availability (during season)

* High in Vitamins & Minerals

* High in Antioxidant

* Contains epicatechins and magnesium

* Please consult with your Doctor, or other qualified health care professional before using any product discussed within this web site.

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