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Re: Talofa Wahoo
Coconut Cream
"It's the best I have ever had for quite a long time. It's not watery like the common one now (NZ leading brand). It taste so beautiful.
I can eat 3,4 whole tins in one go. It's beauuutiful!!!"

Happy Store Owner - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Re: Talofa Coconut Cream
"It's real and it taste very much like the (you know), fresh one.
And I believe, you can't smell (you know), something like its off,
that you can smell in others (speaking on other brands in
New Zealand). Where as with this, TALOFA brand pe`epee,
it's beautifuuul and smells very, very fresh."

Happy Store Owner - Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

888 Tuna
​"It addictive. You can't stop. Once you open, you will finish."

Store Manager - Clayton, MELBOURNE

Re: Pacific Premium Tamarind Candy
Re: Pacific Premium Garam Masala
 "I use to use MDH and other Indian brand. But this is much better."

Happy Consumer - MELBOURNE

"It's much better than the other ones. It's got larger chunks.

I use it for my Filipino soups."

Happy Consumer - Broadmeadows, MELBOURNE

Re: Pacific Premium Green Jackfruit
Re: 888 World's Best Tuna

"It's better than Serina. I use to eat 1-2 cans per day, now I eat 4-5 cans. I can’t stop eating it. I can’t wait for my next meal.

Even my kids are eating tuna now".

Michael (Bodybuilder) - Arncliffe, SYDNEY

Re: Talofa Koko Samoa
Koko Samoa

"Koko Samoa is a great idea. Very convenient and great value.

Two blocks for the price of one is so cheap. We don't have to

scrape the Koko like the block and very nice packaging".

Happy Consumer - MELBOURNE

Re: Customer Service

"I have received the goods today. How efficient you are!

Much appreciate what you all done for me.

Wish all my customers enjoy all the new stocks".

Happy Store Owner - PERTH

Re: Curry Powder

"Thank you so much for sending me an email. I appreciate it so much as your curry powder is very special to me. I did not want to buy another brand, before going out of my way to find out where I can buy the Fiji Curry Powder...it is a beautiful curry powder, the taste is wonderful and the color is a good rich color, you can tell the taste would be unique...".

Dianne - New South Wales